The Simple Solution to Your Dinner Time Dilemma.

Simply Homemade is a meal preparation service designed to take all the work and worry out of preparing dinner. We do all the menu planning, grocery shopping, ingredient preparation and clean up. You choose your family’s dinner favorites each month from a list of 22 options. Then join us at Simply Homemade for an assembly session where you customize your dinners to your family’s taste. (Or hire us to assemble them for you.) Take them home, freeze them, and then cook them as needed. Two hours or less, up to twelve meals, no fuss, no mess, simply good food, Simply Homemade.

Before Your Session

Simply Select Your Family’s Favorites
View our current menus online or stop by our store to pick up a copy. Select your favorite menu offerings and pick a day and time to come in for a session.

Get Ready, Get Set
– Clean out your freezer. If you can no longer distinguish what it is, you are probably not going to eat it.
– Dress in comfortable clothing, grab a cooler or a laundry basket and head on over to our kitchen. We’ll provide all the meal storage containers you will need. You are ready to get started!

At Your Session

Come on in & Relax
Check in with one of our session coordinators. If you are waiting for friends, enjoy some refreshments in our greeting area. Once you are ready to get started, you will receive a list with your menu selections, an apron and a scarf to cover your hair. If you’d rather use a clean hat or visor from home, please feel free to bring it. The county health department requires that appropriate hair restraints be worn while preparing food. If you have long hair, you may be asked to pull it back in addition to wearing a scarf.

We’ve done the hard stuff, you do the fun stuff.
– Proceed to your first station and begin assembling your meals. We have done all the prepping and chopping for you. Use the recipe as a guide but feel free to tailor it to your family’s particular taste. Love mushrooms, add some more. Hate onions, leave them out.
– After completing your meal, please label it appropriately and place it in one of our storage freezers. For maximum food safety, all food will be stored below 40 °F at the Simply Homemade kitchen.
– Move to the next station and begin making your next dish. One of our staff members will clean up after you are done. Within two hours, you will have prepared up to 12 meals.

It’s that simple.
Collect your meals and immediately take them home. Place all your meals in your freezer or put several in your refrigerator to enjoy for the upcoming week.

Repeat monthly or as needed.

Have Fun, Be Safe.
Simply Homemade meets and exceeds all food safety standards established by the county health department so your experience will be as safe as it is fun.